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Compression Only CPR

Weekly when we are in the office conducting a BLS class, and we run into questions regarding compression or hands only CPR. During our class we always take a moment to discuss what would happen if you were in a “lay” rescuer or “non-professional” rescuer environment. Do you have options? What should you do if you are caught in this situation with no medical equipment at all.

In class I like to pose the question as if the person you are saving when into cardiac arrest on the beach where you have no equipment. For years we have taught thirty compressions followed by two respirations using mouth to mouth, mouth to mask, or any other type of barrier device.

But what if you do not have a barrier device? What if you decide that you do not want to perform mouth to mouth on the victim? Do you have an option? The answer in short is yes, and that option is compression/hands only CPR. All that you perform are compressions, there is no reassessment of the patient just compressions. You do good high quality chest compressions using the keys to high quality compressions.

1. Patient on a hard/flat surface,
2. Correct landmark over the lower half of a patients breast bone,
3. push hard and fast at-least two inches deep and at-least 100 compressions per minute,
4. Allowing full chest recoil with each compression.

Doing high quality chest compressions using these keys does make a difference between life and death.

All of this being said, does it really work? Can just doing compressions possibly be as good as thirty compressions and two respirations via mouth to mouth? The answer is yes! Hope to see you in one of our Jacksonville, or Orange Park classes soon.

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