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August 2017 BLS For The Healthcare Provider Class

August 2017 BLS Classes

8/30/17 at 6pm

Sign up at the following link: statlifemedicaltraining.com/bls-cpr-courses

BLS Class Location

31 Royal Palm Dr. Atlantic Beach, FL 32233

What is in a BLS course

Stat Life Medical Training conducts BLS For Healthcare Provider classes in Jacksonville. At the end of your course you will receive a BLS For Healthcare Provider card issued by the American Heart Association that is good for 2 years.

The BLS for the healthcare provider course will begin with introductions and a general overview of the course. Our courses are all taught by firefighter/paramedics that are currently working in the field. During the course you will be taught the 2015 AHA BLS guidelines. After introductions the course will start with instruction about CPR on adult patients. We will go through all of the steps and procedures carefully so that you are comfortable with each and every skill.

Skills Covered In BLS Class

chest compressions
bag valve mask device
automatic external defibrillator (AED)
proper use of AED prep kit.

You will be given the opportunity to practice these skills until proficient and you are comfortable.

Once we are done with adult CPR. We move to child CPR at which point we discuss exactly what a child is and the differences in skills.

Once we have completed child we will move to infant CPR.

When everyone in the course is comfortable with CPR, AED, and breathing for the adult, child, and infant we will move to the last portion of class, choking patients. During the choking patient portion of the course we will cover adult, child and infant choking patients. We will demonstrate and allow you to practice removing obstructions on the conscious adult, child and infant. We will then discuss unconscious adult, child, and infant choking patients. At the end of the class we will answer any final questions you may have and allow you to practice further if desired.
We hope to see you in one of our classes soon.